Battle of iwo jima essay

In conclusion, the battle of Iwo Jima was one of the most important battles in the Pacific front World War II. With the United States successfully able to capture the island of Iwo Jima, they acquired the airfields on the island. With these airfields now under United States control, B-29 bombers would now be able to use the island to launch aerial assaults towards Japan, and would be able to use it as a fueling station closer to Japan. The battle also showed the United States how far the Japanese were willing to go to defend their homeland. Out of the initial more than 20,000 force, only 1,083 Japanese soldiers were captured alive (Frank). This showed the United States that Japanese soldiers were willing to fight to the death to defend their home, and that if the United States was planning on invading Japan, the amount of casualties would have been catastrophic.

My assumption is that the priest as my confessor was trying to tell me if we don’t believe that the church will overcome these evils then we don’t believe the words of our Lord found in that particular passage and if we don’t believe our Lord’s words in scripture we really don’t have the fullness of faith. I am praying for the pope and the church. However, I am a person that needs to be proactive and sometimes prayer is not enough for me and this is where I can get myself in trouble . The priest ( our parish pastor) was generous in saying I was a good catholic because of my concern and that I should never be afraid of upholding the truth. Let us pray and let us not fear the enemy but be as courageous as ever in speaking the truth especially with respect to the very grave evils that some are trying to “normalize”. Satan is alway at work and this is just a test. If the laity collectively would display the courage needed to support this important doctrine it would send a message to pastors and bishops. Perhaps then it would gain even a small mention in a homily….that in my opinion would be a good start. Lets see what happens given the what has played out in this synod. Pax CHristi.

Battle of iwo jima essay

battle of iwo jima essay


battle of iwo jima essaybattle of iwo jima essaybattle of iwo jima essaybattle of iwo jima essay