Being entrepreneur essay

The 1980s and 1990s were a time of reaping the benefits from the hard work of women who worked tirelessly for their rightful place in the workforce as employees and entrepreneurs. Martha Stewart and Vera Bradley were among the twenty-first percent women who owned businesses. The public was also becoming more receptive and encouraging to these female entrepreneurs, acknowledging the valuable contribution they were making to the economy. The National Association of Women Business Owners helped to push Congress to pass the Women's Business Ownership Act in 1988 , which would end discrimination in lending and also strike down laws that required married women to acquire their husband's signature for all loans. In addition, the Act also gave women-owned businesses a chance to compete for government contracts.

16The income of a country is measured by using various variables such as gross domestic product (GDP), gross national income (GNI), employment rate. According to the studies, it is shown that, SMEs in high income countries contribute more than 55% of GDP and 65% of employment. In the low income countries, SMEs and micro enterprises contribute more than 60% of GDP and 70% of employment whereas in middle income countries they contribute 70% of GDP and 95% of employment. Hence this shows that, there has been a significant growth of small and medium enterprises lately in the low to middle income countries. The graph below explains growth of MSME in 60 economies against country income group from year 2000 to 2009.

Instead, research your idea and test it on your target market as you would with any trend or business idea. In fact, many of the same principles of trend spotting apply to spotting fads--just in a much shorter time frame. "People have made fortunes on fads," says Trent. "It [takes] a cost-benefit analysis." How much will it cost you to get in? How much can you make? If it's likely to be a short-lived fad, how will you get out? "On the other hand," says Trent, "you can keep a fad going if you're waving a blanket at it and stoking the flames."

Being entrepreneur essay

being entrepreneur essay


being entrepreneur essaybeing entrepreneur essaybeing entrepreneur essaybeing entrepreneur essay