Brutalization thesis

A typical example of this period was the town's new government offices, designed by RE Wright, an architect employed by the Public Works Department, which cost ÁƒÂ¢Á¢Â€ÂšÂ¤12,000 to erect. Construction began in 1896, and although work had yet to be completed, on 22 June 1897 it became the focus of the Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee festivities when its ornate tower was named in her honour. In January 1897 the Premier of the Cape, Sir Gordon Spriggs, officially opened the building (Herholdt 1988: 182). Writing in 1904 Sellick held it to be "one of the handsomest buildings of its kind" , stating that:

A mathematical model is a simplified representation using mathematical language to describe natural, mechanical or social system dynamics. Epidemiological modelers unite several types of information and analytic capacity, including: 1) mathematical equations and computational algorithms; 2) computer technology; 3) epidemiological knowledge about infectious disease dynamics , including information about specific pathogens and disease vectors ; and 4) research data on social conditions and human behavior. Mathematical modelling in epidemiology is now being applied to syndemics.

Brutalization thesis

brutalization thesis