Building a thesis theme

You will NOT find a solution that you are looking for. Headway is the closest you will get. If you are looking to design sites, then we would recommend investing some time in learning the platform. That will vastly improve the overall quality of your work. I learnt by trial and error (exactly the same thing you are doing). Modifying existing themes to make it work for me. After a little bit of time, I was able to create my own themes. I would highly recommend you to not give up. The founder of genesis and StudioPress learnt the same way.

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Use the built-in blurb field to add short summaries or post any content you’d like using the main post body editor. You can add images and videos directly to the listing or to individual posts. Create your own posts on the site and mix them with external links or post all of one kind. The WP-Drudge news aggregation template makes it easy to create the page you need. Drag-and-drop page customization WP-Drudge uses the core WordPress drag-and-drop to make reorganizing your pages simple. Drag in new widgets and reorganize existing ones quickly. You can also use all the existing WordPress widgets, as well as any you’d like to install. Commenting Allow your subscribers, users, and readers to post comments on any link or post you create using the native WordPress commenting engine. Auto-approve comments or hold on to them for moderation, quickly reply to comments, and even create a feed of new comments for engaged readers. “I would like to say that I’m 62 years of age, and I can get around this theme without a hitch. Been doing this a long time, but I will say you’re doing a lot of things right. I have beta tested lots of WP scripts, and I am impressed with your work.”

Building a thesis theme

building a thesis theme


building a thesis themebuilding a thesis themebuilding a thesis themebuilding a thesis theme