Business culture dissertation

The written language is uniform throughout China*, however, as in any other country, Chinese dialects vary from region to region. The standard language, Putonghua (often called Mandarin), is based on the Beijing dialect and is spoken by most people across the country. This is the language of business in China and if you would like to learn some Chinese, Putonghua is the language to study. Whereas in Hong Kong and parts of Guangdong Province Cantonese is more widely spoken, Putonghua is still generally understood. There are numerous free-to-access websites designed to help you learn Putonghua (and Cantonese), and some simple phrases are below.

REI says that its employees give “ life to their purpose ,” firmly attributing company success to workers. The CEO of REI has acknowledged that employees can get benefits anywhere , but allowing outdoors-oriented employees to immerse themselves in REI culture is what makes it unique. Employees can win equipment through “challenge grants” where they submit a proposal for an outdoor adventure that would be challenging. Regular townhall-style meetings are held where employees can submit questions anonymously to help management understand what’s happening in the company.

Business culture dissertation

business culture dissertation


business culture dissertationbusiness culture dissertationbusiness culture dissertationbusiness culture dissertation