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Even with the best intentions, it is easy for an addict to 'forget' to record a lapse, or to simply not bring it up in sessions. Denial and people's desire to please can be powerful forces to overcome. Objective monitoring can be useful when self-discipline and self-reporting are not enough to keep an addict on the straight and narrow. Regular urine, blood and hair samples are used for this purpose when dealing with drug addicts. With regard to Internet addiction, it is possible to install computer programs designed to monitor where someone surfs and how long they spend there to provide an accurate and objective report of someone's surfing behavior. PC software will monitor the kinds and number of websites a person uses and the amount of time spent Web surfing or checking e-mail. Such programs can help compulsive Internet users supervise their own Internet use, but only if they are installed so as to be hard to tamper with.

Social class was a subtext of the show. The "upper class" – represented by characters like Diane Chambers, Frasier Crane , Lilith Sternin and (initially) Rebecca Howe – rubbed shoulders with middle and working-class characters — Sam Malone, Carla Tortelli, Norm Peterson and Cliff Clavin. An extreme example of this was the relationship between Woody Boyd and a millionaire's daughter Kelly Gaines . Many viewers enjoyed Cheers in part because of this focus on character development in addition to plot development. [29]

Cheer essay titles

cheer essay titles


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