College algebra research paper

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Some schools, like Pierce College and College of the Canyons, have experimented with programs such as the Carnegie Foundation’s Statway and those developed by the California Acceleration Project — courses in statistics and data analysis designed for majors not in math or science as a way to reach college-level quantitative reasoning without getting stuck in non-credit remedial courses or completing a traditional intermediate algebra course. Supporters of this approach have noted that students find the material more engaging — and more immediately useful in following political polls, analyzing sports data or understanding research methodology.

Course Topics Category Objectives Foundations of Linear Equations Explore the different types of numbers and parts of a graph. Get information on linear equations, abstract algebraic examples and systems of equations. Matrices and Absolute Value Examine matrices and absolute values. Learn to take a determinant of a matrix and graph an absolute value equation. Inequalities Define inequalities and learn to graph them. See how to solve an absolute value inequality. Factoring with FOIL, Graphing Parabolas and Solving Quadratics See what a parabola is, with real life examples, and learn to graph them. Get information on using FOIL to factor quadratics equations and how to complete the square. Complex Numbers Learn about imaginary numbers. See how to perform operations with complex numbers. Exponents and Polynomials Be able to name the five main exponent properties and define a zero and negative exponent. Discover how to graph cubics, quartics, quintics and beyond, and learn about dividing polynomials. Rational Expressions Study how to add, subtract, multiply and divide rational expressions and solve rational equations. Functions Learn about function notation, transformations and inverse functions. See how to compose functions and how to find an inverse function. Exponentials and Logarithms Define exponentials and logarithms, and learn to solve exponential and logarithmic equations. See how to graph exponential growth and decay. Probability Mechanics Explore how to evaluate factorials and learn about the binomial theorem and its real life applications. Practice applying the binomial theorem. Sequences and Series Get information on mathematical, geometric and arithmetic sequences and how to find and classify them. Explore summation notation and mathematical series.

College algebra research paper

college algebra research paper


college algebra research papercollege algebra research papercollege algebra research papercollege algebra research paper