Cool powerpoint programs

[…] It’d easy to bash PowerPoint, especially given the poor uses we see all too often … plain boring slides with no personality, or worse yet … slides that are inundated with text, delivered by monotone lecturers lacking enthusiasm. But this much maligned yet widely used application is capable of so much more! Just give PowerPoint a who are experienced with some of these functions may find them a bit mundane, but I still remember how cool it was to find and use them for the first time. While many may be aware of some of these techniques, I think most readers will find something fun and new here.  […]

While 10/20/30 is might be good for making pitches, I am not sure this rule would be strictly applicable to all PPT presentations. I think specifially of presentations intent on presenting research results. For a general audience 10/20/30 would be appropriate, but for specialists one must expand that rule to 20 at most.
I would like to suggest a revision to your rule 0/10/20/30 Absolutely 0 animations/ transitions/ or sounds unless they relate directly to the presentation … I can’t tell you how annoying it is to listen to a speaker begin to bumble as they are distracted by animations they forgot about.

Cool powerpoint programs

cool powerpoint programs


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