Culture shock experiences essay

My taste of Canadians came through my pre-university program in an international school in Malaysia where I did a Canadian program and only had Canadians as teachers. They were the most dedicated, inspiring and worldly group of people. That said, my only experiences with Canadians was with ones that so happened to be worldly, adventurous, intelligent and nurturing.
As we know, Canada is a settlers nation where large majorities of the population are made up of British and French settlers who found their way amongst the First Nation people. Couple Canada’s beginnings with a soon forthcoming issue of its dependency load and being underpopulated, I feel as though Canada cannot help but put up a front as a place that is welcoming to immigrants. It needs immigrants.

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Culture shock experiences essay

culture shock experiences essay


culture shock experiences essayculture shock experiences essayculture shock experiences essayculture shock experiences essay