Customer service policy essay

Which brings us to an understanding of the "why." As everyone knows, a range of motives drives human beings: from the purely selfish (fear and greed) to the more creative, altruistic, and personally fulfilling (problem solving, artistic excellence, service to others). Great customer service companies are invariably good at allowing people to discover their motivations themselves. After all, these companies know that most frontline employees actually want to help customers and to gain their goodwill. The trick is to allow these employees to express this urge while simultaneously restraining their selfish motives, which experience suggests are incompatible with good behavior at moments of truth.

I would like to know why you think it is ok to let a small amount of people decide for you what you can and can not sell!! The confederate flag is apart of our history, I do not believe in slavery but it is part of our history. We voted against homosexaul marraige but our goverment tells us they don’t care what we think anymore. They want to legalize marijuana and get rid of cigarettes, which both are very unhealthy for you. Why are we sitting back and letting our goverment take away our GOD GIVEN FREEDOMS!!!!!!!!!!! I am so tired of losing more and more of my freedom, PLEASE STAND UP FOR YOUR FREEDOM don’t stop selling a flag that is part of OUR history.

Customer service policy essay

customer service policy essay


customer service policy essaycustomer service policy essaycustomer service policy essaycustomer service policy essay