Demand-side thesis great depression

Hi guys,
First of all to Brian, what a superb article and might I say how relevant!
I have a question which I’m posting under Hua’s comment as it is similar to his issue.
Here’s my situation: I’m currently working at a German Steel major in Germany, as a “Senior Steel Trader” for their international trading division. After 7 years of building up my career in Europe in the steel business, I’m considering to move back to Toronto. I know for a fact that there is not a lot of opportunity in Toronto for furthering my career in the steel business. Therefore, I have contemplating entering banking/finance, hopefully where I can put my knowledge of “steel & ferrous metals sector ” and its global trade flows to good use so I don’t have to start from scratch.
After some research I’ve narrowed down my options to IB in metals & mining; STCF, or if none of that works, equity research in that sector(??) As for S&T, big 5 Canadian banks have their desks outside of Toronto as far as I’m told (London, NY,..).
I’m 30yrs old, have a and while my title is “Senior Trader” i have to point out the fact that steel is traded mostly physically and does not involve “paper trading”. So other than some Steel and Iron Ore futures and options courses I’ve attended and trade finance issues I’ve dealt with, I have limited “banking” knowledge.
Long intro, short (read less-longer) question(s):
1- Will my sector knowledge be of siginficant advantage in banking?
2- Will I need to do an MBA to rebrand myself? If yes, will entering IB at about 33 be a wise idea given my profile?
3- Could you name any other fields in Banking (which have traction in Toronto) where my sector know-how could be put to good use?
Really appreciate your feedback.

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Demand-side thesis great depression

demand-side thesis great depression


demand-side thesis great depressiondemand-side thesis great depression