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Impact factor:
Research Policy 's impact factor has increased appreciably over recent years, rising from in 2000 to in 2004 and in 2008. (There was a slight drop to in 2009 following an expansion in the number of RP articles published in 2008.) In 2008, the journal ranked 11th among the world's top journals in "Management" and 1st in the "Planning & Development" category as ranked by Thompson Reuters, Social Sciences Citation Index Index® (© Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports, 2008).
RP 's Impact factor compares extremely well with that of leading journals in the neighbouring fields of Economics (where its 2008 impact factor would place it in 10th position, up from 29th position in 2000), Political Science (where it would currently rank 2nd), Sociology (3rd), Environmental Sciences (3rd) and other interdisciplinary social science journals.

Elsevier research papers

elsevier research papers


elsevier research paperselsevier research paperselsevier research paperselsevier research papers