Essay about why people smoke

It’s painful to see junk science — and make no mistake — this is junk with a dose of scientism added. The lack of rigor is appalling. Even more appalling is to think that this got past a set of peer reviewers. The sampling procedure for the six studies is pure junk. The appropriate sampling pool would be persons living in hurricane corridors. But getting that sample would require hard work. The authors instead used convenience samples that are worthless. Taking the easy out on the sampling sends a clear signal that the authors are interested in the appearance of rigor, but not the application of rigor.

The ruin of the Second Temple marks a key point in the history of the world. Not only was the Jewish people exiled from the land of Israel, the Jews also lost their war against self-centeredness. For the first time since its inception, the tenet, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” was not the guiding rule within the nation. Jews still had high regard for unity, as they still do to this day, but they began to use it to gain self-centered purposes instead of as a means for correction of the ego and as an asset to be passed on to all mankind.

Essay about why people smoke

essay about why people smoke


essay about why people smokeessay about why people smokeessay about why people smokeessay about why people smoke