Essay on aborigines

Life in urban areas, where the standard of living is very low, has bred a high level of domestic violence and alcoholism among Aborigines. In an attempt to reverse this trend, some older males have "kidnapped" young men and taken them off to traditional lands. Once removed from the city, they are enrolled in a kind of "scared straight" rehabilitation program. There have been mixed reactions to this kind of behavior, both within Aboriginal society and in the larger Australian society.

Still, it is not the specific lessons and details of Nunavut, but the grassroots discovery by isolated or powerless people of Nunavut's existence and the lesson it provides — that aboriginal people can regain control of their world — that is best of all. Former Inuit Tapirisat of Canada (ITC) leader Rosemarie Kuptana once mentioned my work to Aborigines in Alice Springs in the middle of Australia's outback, leading them to invite me to a meeting. Some had read notes I had written on Nunavut, and all present were aware of Inuit efforts to create the Nunavut land claim and territory. But that Nunavut is above all simply a symbol of hope was underscored in one memorable exchange. "Come on, sis!" one enthusiastic Aborigine shouted to a timid soul at this meeting. "Them Eskimo mob have done it!"

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Essay on aborigines

essay on aborigines


essay on aboriginesessay on aboriginesessay on aboriginesessay on aborigines