Essay on afforestation in hindi language

* Harappa cities were one of the oldest cities in the Indian subcontinent.
* Cities were divided into two or more parts with the higher one known as the citadel. Walls of baked brick can last for thousands of years.
* Planning of the City: Special prominence was given to the citadel. We can find special buildings in the citadel. For eg; in Mohenjodaro a special tank called Great bath was built. Other cities like Kalibangan and Lothal have fire alters where special sacrifices can be performed. Some cities like Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Lothal have elaborate store houses too.
* Houses and Streets: Houses were of one or two storeys and built around a courtyard. Most houses have separate bathing area and wells to supply water. Many cities have covered drains.
* City Life: City was a very busy place. Trade in metal and precious stones existed with far off places. There were crafts persons who made special seals made of carnelian, statues made of bronze etc. terracotta toys with which children used to play with. They also used seals for authentication.
* Occupation: It was mostly a farming community. People living in countryside, grew crops and reared animals. They grew many crops like Wheat, Barley, mustard, rice, pulses etc.

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1. You have given a clear answer which is that you disagree with the statement – it’s clear – well done!
2. Your first body paragraph supports your opinion very well.
3. Your second body paragraph is also fine. However, your third body paragraph is confusing. It is under-developed and I’m not sure what point you want to make with it. Do you want to refute what others say? In that case, you should write more in this paragraph – or don’t use it at all.
4. There are a lot of grammar errors – articles (a/the etc), word order and general sentence structure. This will limit your score for grammar.

Essay on afforestation in hindi language

essay on afforestation in hindi language


essay on afforestation in hindi languageessay on afforestation in hindi languageessay on afforestation in hindi languageessay on afforestation in hindi language