Essay on diversity in school

Tanking about diverse population in US it is essential to mention the concept of “the melting pot”. This metaphor has been used to express and describe the multi-ethnicity of US. According to it the country is one large melting pot, and people who enter this country go through the process of assimilation with American belief system and culture. However, their nationalities bring something unique, something that stays and blends with American culture. Therefore, American culture is truly a mixture of other cultures.
Diversity in US is represented on other levels as well. For example, due to its geographical position, the climate differs from state to state. Most of the continental United States lies in the temperate zone; southern Florida and Hawaii are in the tropics; the climate in Alaska is subarctic and arctic.

Rage is that constant exasperation with the contemporary hypocrisy that aims to be “inclusive.” It may give visual sense to the invisibility of white dominance in the curriculum, or solidify the unnoticed classed markers in academic expectations and “professional” behavior, or perhaps reclaim diversity in ways that are less about inclusion and more about institutional transformation. Rage is also a tool to turn the presupposed norms upside down -- that is, the orderly ways in which both women and men articulate whiteness in academe -- and the responses to the inertia we sometimes see.

Essay on diversity in school

essay on diversity in school


essay on diversity in schoolessay on diversity in schoolessay on diversity in schoolessay on diversity in school