Essay on mumbai attack

We have reached another milestone in the final season of Downton Abbey. Last night was our final standoff against the Super Bowl. Regardless of the ratings, it is sad to think that we won’t have the same battle for the best screen in the house next year. How are your Valentine’s Day plans coming? Perhaps you and your loved one will be cuddled up watching Downton together. I know Lord D and I will be.
In keeping with tradition, I will continue to share one recipe mentioned on each episode as my love letter to the Downton kitchen staff and to those fans who love the food on the show. We continue to see how food plays a role in adjusting to married life. We have recently prepared a lovely duck dish  which Elsie prepares for dinner, so we will focus on her first course of smoked salmon , one of my favorites. Continue reading »

We saw the brutal attack on Twin Tower on September 11 in USA and did we not cry even though we were in different saw people strggled and lost their lives right in front of our eyes and could do nothing which eventually led to atatck in Afganisthan by USA to demolish Mulla Omar's USA would have done this earlier,they wouldnt have lost their own people and again on the other hand at the present moment they are funding Pakistan for various causes including purchasing armaments having known the fact that renownmed teorrists like Osama Bin Laden and Dawood Ibrahim are very much based havent done anything to curb these people who only made an atatck on Taj and killed the people of US and cant blame the Government of US or UK entirely because British Prime Minister Brown has condemned Pakistan and said it is done by people of US should join together to pressure their own Govt to act against terrorists based or camping in Pakistan because it is only us,the common people who can make this happen.

The terrorists left a permanent scar on the lives of many parents, siblings, and family members. When you read about how some of the families continue to struggle with the loss of their loved ones; you get a clear sense that many are yet to come out of the shock.
We can relate to the pain brought by the indiscriminate killings at the hands of the terrorists. The . and Pakistan share a mutual stance against terrorism and condemn all acts of violence. President Obama again condemned the attack on APS during PM Nawaz Sharif’s visit to the . in October. It is important to stand united against those who threaten the safety of our land and people. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the APS victims. We remember everyone who was taken from on during that horrific act of terror. The pain may never go away, but we sincerely hope that the loved ones find the strength to remain strong.

Essay on mumbai attack

essay on mumbai attack


essay on mumbai attackessay on mumbai attackessay on mumbai attackessay on mumbai attack