Essay the road to chlifa

The road to ChlIfa BY:ShuaiburRahman Safi Lebanon culture The religion of Islam also plays a key role in Lebanon's culture. Movies and videotape cassettes are popular. Lebanon receives television broadcasts from Beirut's private companies. Foods M’uhdara a thick stew of onions, rice and lentils, is often considered a poor man's food Lebanese meals begin with a wide array of mezee-- small savoury dishes, such as dips, salads, pastries, and vegetables. The Lebanese national dish is the kibbe, a meat pie made from finely minced lamb and burghul wheat. The national drink is arak, a strong anise-flavored liquor made from fermented grape juice. Human condition Discrimination against women is one of the bad human condition in Lebanon. Lebanon’s prison has very poor condition and detention facilities remain poor, with overcrowding and lack of proper medical care a perennial problem. Clothes Urban women are very fashion. More traditional clothes are still worn in some villages. These include long dresses for women. Men's pants are full and baggy from the waist to the knee, then tightly fitted from the knee to the ankle. Their jackets have fancy, brightly colored. Some older rural men continue to wear the traditional short, cone-shaped, brown felt hat. Book summary The story of “The road to...

Answer the questions below on lined are Maha and Jad? How old are they?Why didn’t Nada and her parents make it to the shelter before the bomb destroyed the building?Why does Mrs. Farhat call Maha “a bad seed”?What will happen to Maha and Jad according to Mrs. Farhat?Where does Maha want to go instead?Is Maha a responsible sister to Jad? Prove your answer with examples from the does Karim know that Maha is not hard and insensitive? What is she instead?Why did Maha steal bread from the shelter?PAGES 56 – 61Create a vocabulary and idiomatic expression list for all the words and idiomatic expressions that are new to you. It must be similar to the lists that you received prior to these pages. Your list must consist of three columns, titled: Page numbers, word or idiomatic expression, definition. If you wish, you may add a fourth column (translation) so that you can add a translation of the word in your own are Karim’s main objectives against Maha’s plan to walk to Chlifa?Quote from the text to prove that Maha is jealous of Nada. Remember to put your quote in quotation marks, and to add the page number in brackets did Maha prepare for the journey? Why did she pack strips of cloth?Why does Maha feel that undertaking this dangerous journey is worth the risk? Give a detailed explanation. Why do you think Karim decided to go with Maha?PAGES 62 – 71Create a list of new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions for these are Karim’s reasons for undertaking this journey with Maha?Why does Maha want to go to Elias and Zahra?Explain the meaning of the name of “Mount Lebanon” ().What does the map not show?Describe the journey they would have to is the greatest danger?Who is Antoine Milad, and how did he get involved with Karim and Maha?Why does Maha want to leave Antoine Milad’s place as soon as possible?Pgs. 72 - 78What can you tell about Maha’s personality from the way she studies the picture of The Lady with the Unicorn(), and her comments about it (p. 73)?Was Lebanon really a paradise before the war? What caused the war, according to Antoine Milad ()?Why does Karim not feel angry with Bechir’s mother anymore (p. 76)?Antoine Milad first tried to convince Karim and Maha to stay with him. Then he changed his mind, and helped them to plan their route to Chlifa. What made him change his mind ( & 77)?What is the “best route” for them to take? Why is it the best route?What is the Nahr el-Kelb?What favour does Antoine Milad volunteer to do?What would they tell soldiers or militiamen that stop them? Pgs. 79 – 132On page 82 Antoine Milad says, “Nature will always be kinder than other human beings.” This is an example of foreshadowing. What do you think is being foreshadowed here?

Essay the road to chlifa

essay the road to chlifa


essay the road to chlifaessay the road to chlifaessay the road to chlifaessay the road to chlifa