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" Personification , with allegory , was the literary rage in the 18th century, but it goes against the modern grain and today is the feeblest of metaphorical devices."
(Rene Cappon, Associated Press Guide to News Writing , 2000)

"In present-day English, [personification] has taken on a new lease of life in the media, especially film and advertising, although literary critics like Northrop Frye (cited in Paxson 1994: 172) might well think it is 'devalued.' . .

"Linguistically, personification is marked by one or more of the following devices:(Katie Wales, Personal Pronouns in Present-Day English . Cambridge University Press, 1996)

Essays on oreo cookies

essays on oreo cookies


essays on oreo cookiesessays on oreo cookiesessays on oreo cookiesessays on oreo cookies