Example of health care essay

Through the State Innovation Models Initiative (SIM), a number of states are engaged in multi-payer delivery and payment reforms that include a focus on population health and recognize the role of social determinants. SIM is operated by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation and provides financial and technical support to states for the development and testing of state-led, multi-payer health care payment and service delivery models that will improve health system performance, increase quality of care, and decrease costs. To date, the SIM initiative has awarded grants to over half the states to design and/or test innovative payment and delivery models. As part of the second round of SIM grant awards, states are required to develop a statewide plan to improve population health during the project period.

Example of health care essay

example of health care essay


example of health care essayexample of health care essayexample of health care essayexample of health care essay