Haagen dazs term paper

area. It would not be a good idea for Haagen-Dazs to start a new product when their old product has many more years left before it will start advantage of Haagen-Dazs producing a low cost ice cram is consumers are not brand loyal. Consumers like to buy what is on sale. I currently am working in a supermarket, The ice cream that sells well, is the ice cream that is on sale. In the summer useally Edy’s ice cream and Turkey hill ice cream goes on sale every other week. Which ever one is on sale sells, and the one that is not on sale barely gets touched. If haagen-dazs can make a low cost ice cream that can be as low as Edy’s or Turkey hill when its on sale consumers will buy it. Another Advantage of Haagen-Dazs making a new low cost ice cream is they can get people who nomaly don’t buy ice cream because of its fat content to buy it because they are interested in trying a new product. People That could not afford Haagen-Dazs when it was a gallon might try the new low cost ice cream to see if it is the same quality as the Higher cost Haagen-Dazs ice cream. ...

Haagen dazs term paper

haagen dazs term paper


haagen dazs term paperhaagen dazs term paperhaagen dazs term paperhaagen dazs term paper