Ib tok essay sample

Events (100 years ago today) : 1917 - World War I : Battle of Caporetto ; Italy suffers a catastrophic defeat to the forces of Austria-Hungary and Germany. The young unknown Oberleutnant Erwin Rommel captures Mount Matajur with only 100 Germans against a force of over 7000 Italians. Events (50 years ago today) : 1967 - Mohammad Reza Pahlavi crowns himself Emperor of Iran and then crowns his wife Farah Empress of Iran. Births (50 years ago today) : 1967 - Douglas Alexander , Scottish lawyer and politician, former Minister of State for Europe Deaths (300 years ago today) : 1717 - Catherine Sedley, Countess of Dorchester (b. 1657) Deaths (200 years ago today) : 1817 - Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin , Dutch-Austrian chemist and botanist (b. 1727)

Ib tok essay sample

ib tok essay sample


ib tok essay sampleib tok essay sampleib tok essay sampleib tok essay sample