Latin american studies thesis topics

International relations are becoming increasingly more complex due to globalization. This dynamic potentially also bears the root of conflicts around the globe and in our region. The study of geopolitics is helpful to better understand the issues that impact peace and security in this part of the world. Employing geopolitical and geo-economic methods of analysis to decipher some of the complexities of international relations, could have a favorable impact on policy formulation and decision-making, leading hopefully to a more peaceful world in our Caribbean and Latin American region...

Latin America's growth rate fell dramatically due to government austerity plans that restricted further spending. Living standards also fell alongside the growth rate, which caused intense anger from the people towards the IMF, a symbol of "outsider" power over Latin America. [13] Government leaders and officials were ridiculed and some even discharged due to involvement and defending of the IMF. In the late 1980s, Brazilian officials planned a debt negotiation meeting where they decided to "never again sign agreements with the IMF". [14] The result of IMF intervention caused greater financial deepening ( Financialization ) and dependence on the developed world capital flows, as well as increased exposure to international volatility. [15] The application of structural adjustment programs entailed high social costs in terms of rising unemployment and underemployment , falling real wages and incomes, and increased poverty.

Our programs reflect an interdisciplinary approach in the training of students. However, students also have the flexibility to pursue specific disciplinary interests in the social sciences, the humanities, or professional areas. Moreover, they can easily combine their culture and language interests and skills with a commitment to issues of diversity, civil and human rights, and social justice.

LACS is among the first programs in the country to integrate area and ethnic studies into the curriculum of the department's various undergraduate and graduate academic programs. Understanding issues of race, ethnic, gender, and class diversity are also central to the curriculum and to the research endeavors of our faculty. If you are interested in learning about some of the major global challenges of the twenty-first century, about the multicultural character of . society, and about the increased interdependence among the countries of the hemisphere, you have come to the right place.

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Latin american studies thesis topics

latin american studies thesis topics


latin american studies thesis topicslatin american studies thesis topicslatin american studies thesis topicslatin american studies thesis topics