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Grades range between 0 and 10, 5 being the passing mark. However, since grading practice differs amongst awarding institutions, a descriptive mark is used, which is more or less universal throughout Greece. For example, in the National Technical University of Athens, a grade in the diploma between 5 and is "good" (καλώς), a grade between and is "very good" (λίαν καλώς) and a grade of or more is "excellent" (άριστα). [45] In the University of Patras [46] the ranges are from 5 to (good), from to (very good) and from to 10 (excellent).

Graduates of the PharmD/MPH dual-degree programs will gain a broader perspective on health, with a special focus on disease prevention and health promotion strategies. The public health training component will strengthen the student’s ability to conduct and interpret research. Students enrolled in the articulated program will develop knowledge and skills to address health and disease for the individual and the population levels.
PharmD/MPH Dual Degree Admission Requirements

Admission to the PharmD/MPH articulated dual degree program requires that students meet admission requirements of, and be admitted by, the Gatton College of Pharmacy and be recommended for admission to the MPH program by the ETSU College of Public Health (for admission to the ETSU School of Graduate Studies). Students pursuing the PharmD/MPH will be concurrently enrolled in both programs. Applicants must hold a bachelors degree or higher. Though the published MPH program application deadline is March 1st, PharmD/MPH applications may be made at any time throughout the year. In addition, though the regular application process for the MPH requires that the applicant make their application through the Schools of Public Health Application Service,  dual degree applicants for the PharmD/MPH program should not use that service and should follow the steps outlined below.

Applications to the Gatton College of Pharmacy PharmD program must be made through the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) at http:///. Application requirements for the PharmD program are listed on the Gatton College of Pharmacy website at: /prospectivestudents/admissions/requirements/  

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