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After World War I many American artists rejected the modern trends emanating from the Armory Show and European influences such as those from the School of Paris . Instead they chose to adopt various—in some cases academic —styles of realism in depicting American urban and rural scenes. Grant Wood , Reginald Marsh , Guy Pène du Bois , and Charles Sheeler exemplify the realist tendency in different ways. Sheeler and the modernists Charles Demuth and Ralston Crawford were referred to as Precisionists for their sharply defined renderings of machines and architectural forms. Edward Hopper , who studied under Henri, developed an individual style of realism by concentrating on light and form, and avoiding overt social content.

Below are some of those very particular images captured in some of those very different places, as the images are taken and made available: from Oregon and Casper, Wyo.—where TIME’s reporting team is deployed—to Nashville and Columbia, ., and, the rarest shot of all, from the International Space Station in low-Earth orbit. Tens of millions of people will see the eclipse live as it plays out. For the billions of others who won’t be in the path of totality, the event will nonetheless live forever as the day’s historical photo album takes shape. — Jeffrey Kluger

People of chilmark essay

people of chilmark essay


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