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The term "Negroid" is still used in certain disciplines such as forensic and physical anthropology . [3] In a medical context, some scholars have recommended that the term Negroid be avoided in scientific writings because of its association with scientific racism . [31] This mirrors the decline in usage of the term Negro, which fell out of favor following the campaigns of the Civil Rights Movement —the term Negro became associated with periods of legalized discrimination, and was rejected by African Americans during the 1960s for " black ". [32]

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Genome-wide sequence data was generated in order to confirm the biological sex, to support skeletal integrity and also to investigate the genetic relationship of the individual to ancient individuals and modern day groups (S4). We investigated two samples from grave Bj 581, the left canine and the left humerus, which both yielded sufficient amounts of DNA for further analyses (Supporting Information Table ). The DNA was extracted following previously published procedures (Günther et al., 2015 ). The bone extract contained % endogenous human DNA and the tooth extract contained %. The obtained DNA sequences showed all the characteristics of authentic and ancient DNA (Briggs et al., 2007 ) (Supporting Information Figure ,b), with mitochondrial contamination estimated to % (Green et al., 2008 ).

Physical anthropology research papers

physical anthropology research papers


physical anthropology research papersphysical anthropology research papersphysical anthropology research papersphysical anthropology research papers