Physical therapy research paper topics

Funds emerging researchers that seek to examine one or more elements in the physical therapy patient/client management for children with developmental disabilities.  The project may focus on any of the following elements: examination, diagnosis, prognosis or intervention.  Priority consideration will be given to projects that examine the effectiveness of physical therapy interventions. This grant will provide $40,000 for either one or two year projects. This grant is generously supported in part by the Pediatric Endowment Fund, made possible with generous gifts from APTA’s Section on Pediatrics, and the Legacy Endowment Fund.   Learn more about Eligibility and Guidelines

The Adult Neurological Research Group (ANRG) focuses on rehabilitation following damage to the central nervous system. The ANRG has access to clinical populations and research laboratories using brain and peripheral nerve stimulation to facilitate recovery of function. A human motion analysis laboratory is available for research studies, and the ANRG has collaborations with the Center for Translational Neuroscience at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Areas of research include the use of functional electrical stimulation and non-invasive brain stimulation for enhancing neuroplasticity and improving rehabilitation in individuals with stroke and brain injury. The members of the group include Dr. Mark Mennemeier , Dr. Chad Lairamore , and Dr. Kevin Garrison .

Physical therapy research paper topics

physical therapy research paper topics


physical therapy research paper topicsphysical therapy research paper topicsphysical therapy research paper topicsphysical therapy research paper topics