Property development dissertations

Criticism of the term intellectual property ranges from discussing its vagueness and abstract overreach to direct contention to the semantic validity of using words like property and rights in fashions that contradict practice and law. Many detractors think this term specially serves the doctrinal agenda of parties opposing reform in the public interest or otherwise abusing related legislations; and that it disallows intelligent discussion about specific and often unrelated aspects of copyright, patents, trademarks, etc. [57]

We own a 5,700 acre estate that includes land and properties with huge potential for creating the homes and jobs that the Capital needs. Our landholdings can play a vital role in meeting the Mayor's priorities to build affordable homes, while generating revenue to invest in improving our transport network.

We have the team, sites and programme in place to provide a long-term development pipeline, delivering 10,000 homes across 300 acres. In 2016/17 we brought sites to market which will deliver almost 1,000 homes, half of which will be affordable.

Property development dissertations

property development dissertations


property development dissertationsproperty development dissertationsproperty development dissertationsproperty development dissertations