Reflection topics essay

Of course, there is a variety of services dedicated to patients with mental health problems: an appropriate choice of service would be chosen for the patient's best interest. Reflecting back on my time at Kennington Lane Clinic, I came across Mr B's file from which I read his past medical history and discussed this patient with a social worker who was involved with this particular case. On discussion, I found out that he was originally referred to the clinic by his GP and treated by this clinic quite a long time but unfortunately was relapsing and not compliant with his medication. When something like this is the case, patients can be detained at hospital against their own will under the Mental Act legislation (Rethink, Factsheet, 2010). This particular patient was going to be detained under Section 2 for 28 days. In order to carry this out, the patient had to be seen by 3 professions (2 psychiatrics and 1 social worker) in the presence of police. These three professions are specialised in mental health care that would assess the patient's mental state and make a decision.

Thank you for the thoughtful and interesting blog. I have added it to my feeds and will read it as often as I can. I’m a homeschooling mama, a writer, and a (radical usage) linquistic prescriptivist by nature. Oh, and I LOVE commas – my pet peeve (one of them) is writers who think that you DON’T need commas to set off a dependent clause…rrrrrrrrggghhh! The wholesale annhilation of proper comma use in our world today is a crime against language (right up there with using the word “utilize” every time you would ordinarily say “use”). Stop the comma genocide! And now I’ve stepped off my soapbox and am walking away.

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Reflection topics essay

reflection topics essay


reflection topics essayreflection topics essayreflection topics essayreflection topics essay