Religion in the kite runner essay

Later on, in the novel we learned that Hassan was his half brother and that he had had a son. Amir found his way to redemption by looking after Hassan's orphan son. He left his wife and home in America to look for the boy in Afghanistan. Once, Hassan stood up for Amir, now its Amir turn to do something for his son Sohrab. He had to fight with his childhood enemy, (Assef) the man who caused him the suffering and guilt, in order to rescue Sohrab, and it was Sohrab who saved Amir's life that day who wanted to sacrifice his blood for Hassan in the same way as Hassan did in the alley one night about 26 years ago. When Amir was cruelly beaten by Assef, he laughed and said, ".............My body was broken-just how badly I wouldn't find until later-but I felt healed. Healed at last. I laughed" (p253). These words show that his guilt and anxiety of finding redemption were really huge. He felt he deserved to be punched to the point of almost dying; he needed to feel punishment for what he did.

The good season for Kite Flying in Afghanistan is the autumn season because of the good winds and most people get ready to fly their colorful kites including the kids and adults. As Kite flying is a favourite sport and everyone loves it and brings joy and smiles to the people, in the other hand kite flying sometimes can be dangerous too.
Many people are injured when they fall off from the roofs while chasing for free kites or when they lost concentration during a heated battle. Before the Taliban, people used to fly kites in a place called Chaman-e-Babrak [in northern Kabul], and the kite flying competitions were held there. Kids, teenagers, adults and older people from all over Afghanistan and Kabul City were getting togather for kite competitions, and they used to lay wagers on fighting kites.

Religion in the kite runner essay

religion in the kite runner essay


religion in the kite runner essayreligion in the kite runner essayreligion in the kite runner essayreligion in the kite runner essay