Semantic web master thesis

NIMAS refers to a technical standard used to produce XML-based source files. From these well-structured source files, accessible, student-ready alternate-format versions of textbooks and core materials (., Braille, e-text, Digital Talking Book, large print, etc.) can subsequently be created and distributed to qualified students with print disabilities. NIMAS files are not student-ready versions. IDEA 2004, . 108-446, establishes the NIMAS as a national standard and requires states and local districts to adopt the NIMAS for providing textbooks and instructional materials to students who are blind or print-disabled.

In addition to making it easy to handle complicated SPARQL queries in an easy manner in AllegroGraph and thereby in the Semantic Data Lake platform, the company also has built features into AllegroGraph that support capabilities that vendors are empowered to enable via the SPARQL standard. For instance, SPARQL “allows computed properties and it is up to the vendor to create certain computed properties,” Aasman says. A computed property (also known as property functions or magic properties) is a predicate that occurs in a SPARQL query pattern with matching semantics other than simple subgraph matching. The magic property capability has enabled Franz to build N-dimensional analysis into AllegroGraph. N-dimensional analysis refers to putting multiple dimensions into a single value, and AllegroGraph indexes those dimensions in a patented way that makes it possible to compute a query without conducting multiple joins among many values.

Adenine, developed as part of the Haystack project, is a language that shares Fabl’s basic goals and structure: it too has RDF resources as its native objects, and represents programs within RDF. The following are some of the significant differences: (1) Fabl’s syntax is conventional in style (a minor modification of Javascript), while Adenine’s is more unusual (eg Adenine syntax for adding one and two is “+ 1 2” rather than “1+2”) (2) Fabl is written in C (and itself), while Adenine lives in the Java environment, (3) Fabl is strongly typed (with OWL as its type system), while Adenine includes only runtime typing.

Semantic web master thesis

semantic web master thesis


semantic web master thesissemantic web master thesissemantic web master thesissemantic web master thesis