Sports and hobbies essay

If you’re not sure about forking over the dough right away on a real gun, consider getting started with marksmanship with air guns. The basic principles and skills used with real guns are the same with air guns, except you can fire an air gun in your suburban backyard and a round of 100 air gun pellets cost just a dollar or two compared to the $10- $15 you have to drop for real ammo. Check out this informative article on using air guns as an alternative to getting involved with shooting sports (the article addresses the recoil factor).

Some hobbies may result in an end product. Examples of this would be woodworking, photography , moviemaking , jewelry making , software projects such as Photoshopping and home music or video production , making bracelets , artistic projects such as drawing, painting, writing..., Cosplay (design, creation, and wearing a costume based on an already existing creative property), creating models out of card stock or paper – called papercraft . Hobbies also include higher-end projects like building or restoring a car, or building a computer from scratch.

However, there are hobbies, which give people a lot of entertainment, without such a risk. For instance, reading a book, listening to a preferable piece of music at home or during concerts it is worthy doing, as well. Taking my own examples, I like gardening, spending a lot time in nature -climbing or just walking through the forest, picking mushrooms, admiring plants, watching birds, meditating at the top and tanning. Additionally, art collection of fine pieces like religious pictures(in style of Russian icons)or landscapes(in the impressionism style)is my favourite hobby that give me so much joy, while watching it. The only one difficulty, downside I found about it - high prices of real masterpieces. So, I have to be happy owning some good replicas or copies of great masters.

Sports and hobbies essay

sports and hobbies essay


sports and hobbies essaysports and hobbies essaysports and hobbies essaysports and hobbies essay