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Merel is committed to leave the world a better place than he found it. Building on his training as a designer he wants to help organisations and networks to create meaningful, sustainable innovations, to contribute to a healthy planet that provides opportunities for all.

Merel’s style to problem solving is open, low-key and pragmatic. He rarely works from a template but likes to think from the bigger picture and from what he learns when he tunes into the softer dimensions of organisational life.

In 2015 he joined forces with shiftN to work on innovation projects within organisations and networks. The first role he took on is to manage shiftN’s community on social media. For product-related innovations, he continues to work via the C2C Platform.

Merel is a lifelong learner (and un-learner!). Besides a Master in Product Development and an MSc. in Innovation and Design for Sustainability, he followed multiple transformative courses at Schumacher College and is regularly attending summer schools, conferences, evening classes and hackathons.

In the past ten years, Merel had Belgium and the UK alternatingly as home bases. He conducted assignments for SME’s, local and regional governments, intermediaries, institutes of higher education and non-profit organisations in more than ten different countries. These experiences familiarised him with a wide spectrum of (societal) challenges in a variety of sectors.

Despite his international, digital and societal outlook, you will not easily spot him on a plane, on Facebook or in a rowdy bar. He prefers a minimalistic, mindful lifestyle. A (foldable) bike and tent give him real freedom. Music has been a lifelong passion. In recent years, Merel is also falling deeper in love with mountains, art and life.

Thesis on obesity in india

thesis on obesity in india


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