Thesis related design

I-O psychology is basically the study of behavior of individuals that occurs in a particular setting, that is, organizations of almost any kind. This focus differentiates it from fields of psychology that study basic processes (perception, memory, learning); from fields that study particular populations of individuals (children, mentally disturbed, developmentally challenged); from fields that study analytic procedures or assessment procedures (psychometrics); and from fields that study mechanisms of behavior (physiological psychology, brain research). Although the populations of individuals and the locations are diverse, in this emphasis on behavior in a special setting we are eclectic. Because we borrow ideas, procedures, and paradigms from the other fields of psychology, it is important that we have an understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and sources of our often-unacknowledged borrowings. 

In order to apply to the . program, applicants should hold an . degree in Computer Science or a closely related area, from a well-recognized university. Students who hold a . degree in Computer Science but have an exceptionally strong academic record may be admitted directly to the . program, but they must initially apply to the . program. Students who are in the . program have the option to be fast-tracked into the . program at the end of their first academic year, contingent on excellent performance as judged by the . committee.

Thesis related design

thesis related design


thesis related designthesis related designthesis related designthesis related design