Uc prompts 2013

- Expressway-E Event Log showing Service Unavailable – 503 error.
- Set the ‘network’, ‘network tcp’ and ‘network sip’ diagnostic logging to DEBUG.
- Attempted to log into Jabber. Captured and Downloaded logs.
- Analysed log file and found this line. “Detail=Certificate verification failed for host=, additional info: Invalid Hostname cor8-”
- Discovered a PTR record for my exact Expressway-E’s A Record had been created somewhere on the Web, and when the Expressway-C was actioning a Reverse DNS Lookup Query, this PTR record was being found. What are the chances hey??
- I had to create a Reverse Lookup Zoen for the Expressway-E Public IP Address, add the correct PTR record. Once I flushed DNS.. Everything started to work fine and I could log into Jabber remote.

Uc prompts 2013

uc prompts 2013


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