Write discursive essay structure

Argumentative texts: Brainstorming
It is particularly useful for argumentative texts to think in terms of categories of knowledge - political, religious, personal, physical, social, historical, geographical, economic, artistic, sexual, moral, creative, psychological. Choose the most productive for your case. (Info taken from Page 2 of How to Write an Essay/Composition )
Brainstorming exercise : ideas for a reasoned opinion (discursive text) and for a for/against essay (argumentative text).

Argumentative texts: Aproaches
•  The obvious way to organize your material is under pros and cons, points for and against the argument. A contrast between two different stands can help you write about the subject, make things easier.
•  However, you could develop your own opinions. You will have to be clear about the point(s) you want to make and make those points. Then you'll have to explain your reasons for stating them (why do you say that?). Try to say things which are relevant (content) and not vague comments and opinions.
•  Order your points under the headings pros and cons. Is this the best order for the various points? Decide which side of the argument you favour yourself, how best to counter the points put forward on the other side.
•  What kind of conclusion will you arrive at? You will usually end with your own view, the one you have been leading up to in your presentation of the argument.
(Info taken from page 3 of How to Write an Essay/Composition )

Argumentative texts: Structure 1
IMPORTANT: In Textual Analysis 2 you can find the classical structure (structural outline) with some useful expressions, and then other structural possibilities, like the pro-con structure, the one-sided argumentation or the eclectic approach.
Structure for Reasoned Opiniones with Useful Language

Template for an argumentative essay at OWL
Writing Essays

Argumentative texts: Structure 2 (Tips from your teacher)
Whether you are doing a Reading Comprehension exercise (with an argumentative text) or you need to write an argumentative text, consider this:
•  Fundamental info in Title, topic sentences at the beginning of every paragraph.
•  Check if intro is an overview. Check if there is a conclusion.
•  Spot if the end of the paragraph draws a conclusion.
•  Spot words which help you to sort out structure: examples + ., for instance, for example ; rephrasing items (., in other words, this means .); explaining causes: because, as, since.
•  Intro (What kind? A beginning? An overview?)
•  Body: One position - The opposite position / One position - Another - Another.
•  Ending: Conclusion/Ending/No Conclusion. Why?/How?

Argumentative texts: Structure 3
How to write a 5 paragraph essay In the Introduction of this other website, you can listen to somebody reading the explanation you can also find in writing! So you can use it to take a dictation, to do a listening activity for comprehension and later check by reading how much you understood; also, to learn about writing strategies, of course!

Argumentative texts: Examples
Example of an argumentative text here
Examples of reasoned opinions at Your Texts (in Your Stuff!)

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Write discursive essay structure

write discursive essay structure


write discursive essay structurewrite discursive essay structurewrite discursive essay structurewrite discursive essay structure